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Photo book


29 x 28

Hard covers. Large and impressive. Square shape format. Perfect for special occasions.

Price from  20.23 EUR 28.90 EUR

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Perfect book for important stories.


Large size

Photo book BELLA is a square shaped large size book bound in hard covers. The width of the book is deliberately made a cm wider than height to offset the binding area and make the look of the shape more appealing optically.


Perfect for special occasions

The large size of the book allows you to underline the significance of your special occasions like wedding events, anniversaries, as well other similar happenings. Yet, the large size if very suitable also for great photography and travel books.


Stylish page layouts

The size of book allows to layout the page more interestingly. We have prepared a compact set of page layout templates to encourage you to build beautiful page designs.

    Product description

    Photo book BELLA 29 x 28


    290 x 280 mm
    Inside pages:
    284 x 274 mm


    Standard Gloss 150g
    Arctic Semimatte 150g


    Hard cover binding with PUR adhesive. From 24 to 150 pages thick.


    High quality digital offset printing with HP Indigo printing presses.

    Print levels

    A print level:
    CMYK (Standard option)
    A+ print level:


    Hard covers book.
    Available cover groups: PHOTO, DELUXE.


    Tailored gift boxes are available:

    Prices and options

    Photo book BELLA 29 x 28

    photo deluxe
    Base price
    Covers, 24 pages, A print level, Standard Gloss.
    29.90  EUR
    20.93  EUR
    28.90  EUR
    20.23  EUR
    Pay extra / per book
    Pay extra / per page
    Standard Gloss
    0.00 EUR
    0.45 EUR
    Arctic Semimatte
    1.50 EUR
    0.55 EUR
    Print levels
    Pay extra / per book
    Pay extra / per page
    A print level
    A+ print level
    6.00 EUR
    0.60 EUR
    Pages in book
    min  24
    max  150
    min  24
    max  150

    All prices are with VAT included.